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Who knows what you might find in a pirates hold; sugar, exotic spices, fine silks, gold, prisoners waiting to be ransomed, moldy bread, rats, cockroaches, all nature of treasure and trash. This site will try to contain the treasures of information, images, sources and things relating to pirates. It will concentrate on the historical aspects, but if I find something particularly intriguing I may include it. There are a good number of images and some sound bites, but I will try to keep the biggest of them in the Hold and off the other pages.


Dave Recommends
Sid Meier's Pirates! The Errol Flynn Signature Collection
(Captain Blood / The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex / The Sea Hawk / They Died with Their Boots On / Dodge City / The Adventures of Errol Flynn)
Great Caesar's Ghost, Captain Blood and the Sea Hawk together in the same set, you can bet that I'll be snatching one of these quickly. Buy from


Pirates Hold News

3/27 Work continues of Got Nation, but it's almost done with v1.0, so I will have some time to devote here later this week. The pirate roster will be my first task, as I convert it over to a MySQL database rather than a flat javascript array, this will give me the chance to do some reference cross links to my source books. You will notice a map at the bottom of this page that shows where Pirates Hold visitors come from. While you wait for updates to this site, here's a shameless banner link to Got Nation. P-)

1/05 Welcome to the new year. I find myself being pulled in a number of directions between classes, work and maintaining my websites. I've added a few new rums in the Tavern and updated the Festivals with all of this years dates (as best possible, some dates are still questionable). Just for fun here's a picture of me giving a speech last year on Hollywood's relationship with pirates and a brief movie (8.44Mb) of the start of that speech . P-)

10/23 - Okay, I've been very busy with a new project. Got Nation Its just about to shift status to beta test so I should have some time to devote here. Not to mention the new hosting service has PHP and MySQL features that I've been learning about, so I'll probably be streamlining some of the features here to take advantage of that, primarily to speed up the download of some of the content heavy pages

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06/10 - Been busy with a new site on tanks, Tread Marks. I'll try to get some new content added here next week (I did add a few new names for French privateers from the Napoleonic era).

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