Pirate Books


Avast, ye scurvy dogs, these be various in nature, and many a lie be told, but even we pirates enjoy a good tale when it be spun proper like.  So take a gander at the list below and pick ye a good book to pass the time until the next merchant be spotted.

If appropriate (i.e. the few I have read), my comments will follow the title.  Also, I have tried to accumulate some of the titles past copyright and will provide the text online (not as much fun as a real book, but in a pinch it will do).  If I can find links to book stores that might have copies I will put a link there as well.

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Please note that while it can get a good deal more complicated, a copyright under current law is good for about 75 years, so (although I suggest you look into it very closely before doing any wholesale scanning) as of this moment items published on or before 1925(depends on whether you use the 75 or 56 year limit) should be in the public domain now (at least in the United States).


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