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Pirate life often included long periods of boredom, here are a few pirate related games to help you relieve any boredom you might be feeling. 

Game Media Comments

Computer Game The granddad of pirate computer games is back in this update/sequel of the original, haven't played it yet, but you can bet I will before 2005 is very old
Plunder Board Game Have not played this one yet

Pirate Cove
Board Game Have not played this one yet

Card Game Have not played this one yet

Pirates of The Caribbean
Computer Game Looks like an update of Pirates!Gold, have not had the chance to try it yet

Pirates of the Caribbean
Gameboy Game Released

Pirates of the Spanish Main
Collector Game WizKids, the people behind HeroClix and Mage Knights, have hit the stores with this sleeper that seems to be taking gamers' interest to the point that my local store has restricted buying to two boosters per customer.
 Pirates! Gold  Computer Game Sid Meier is one of the crew behind this one. The best of the computer pirate games that I have played. I have heard rumors that MicroProse is thinking about putting out a sequel, but beyond that I have no news. I'm anxiously awaiting it.
 Blackbeard Board Game Simulation game of the Golden Age of Piracy. A decent simulation, fun to play, good solitaire version. Rules are a bit confusing at first. [Avalon Hill]
 Wooden Ships & Iron Men Board Game Not strictly pirate oriented, but there have been a few scenarios printed in the General to cover some of the more famous pirate engagements. Very good simulation of naval combat for the wooden ship period. [Avalon Hill]
7th Sea Collector Card Game (now an RPG) Thanks to a friend's kind donation, I now have some of these cards, entertaining system and game, very different from Magic the Gathering, worth checking out. Here is the web site with the details 7th Sea
Sea Dogs
Computer Game Gets good ratings for graphics and sound, haven't played it yet.

Tropico 2: Pirate Cove
Computer Game Light weight, city builder type game, fun

Age of Sail II: Privateer's Bounty
Computer Game Good simulation and sailing model, good graphics

Port Royale 2
Computer Game Enjoyable game but tends to get a bit tedious as your pirate empire grows larger

Cutthroats: Terror on the High Seas
Computer Game Have not played it

Pirates of the Burning Sea
MMORPG Computer Game Looks promising, role playing
Ace Pirate Murder Mystery Party game for 8-10 people Have not played it or seen the materials (other than online images) so I cannot comment, other than it looks like fun

Here are some toys that have caught my eye. They're from Playmobil and Lego.

Imaginext: Pirate Raider  
Imaginext: Buccaneer Bay  
Pirate ship cover
Pirate Starter Set cover
Pirate with Rowboat  
Pirate Prison Tower  
Pirate Lagon cover
Pirate Crew cover
Pirates Prison cover
cover Captain Redbeard's Pirate Ship Buy from
cover Captain Kragg's Pirate Boat Buy from
cover Skull Island Buy from

It was a shame that the Lego company discontinued the Pirate collection, unfortunately, I had acquired only a few of the sets during the collection's run. I still look for them when I have a chance and have placed bids on occasion on ebay. Here are some of the sets I currently own.

Lego set 6234 Small set
Lego set 6246 Small set
Lego set 6247 Small set
Lego set 6261 Small set

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