Pirate Roster




Badger, Charlotte (English) (c.1808) - transported as a pickpocket to the Oceana penal colonies, she is known as Australia's first female pirate

Balbo, Michele (Italian) (c.1270) - active in Aegean Sea

Balestrier, Captain (Majorcan) (c.1709-1742) - active in Eastern Mediterranean

Ballatt, John (English) (c.1707) - third mate and ancillary ships surgeon, sailed with Woodes Rogers and William Dampier

Bamfield, John (English) (c.1665) - sailed with Edward Morgan, helped invade Saint Eustatius and Saba in the Caribbean

Banks, Hugh (c.1699) - suspected pirate, apprehended by Captain Mathew Lowth with �1,500

The Barbarossa Brothers, Aruj (d.1518) and Kheir-ed-Din (d.1546), named for red beards, the latter was so successful he was named regent of the city of Algiers in 1530.

Barbolani Dei Conti De Montauto, Francesco (c.1590) - Knight of Saint Stephen, active near the Barbary Coast against the Muslims

Barbolani Dei Conti De Montauto, Giulio (d.1619) - Knight of Saint Stephen, active against the Muslims

Bardi, Gualterotti (c.1616) - Knight of Malta, active in Mediterranean Sea

Barker, Andrew (English) (d.1577) - active against the Spanish in the Caribbean, marooned by his crew on Guanaja Island where Spanish soldiers killed him

Barker, Edmund (English) (d.1595) - sailed with James Lancaster, raiding in the Caribbean and off South America, died in raid on Pernambuco, Brazil

Barlycorne, Richard (English) (c.1696) - age 14, apprenticed to William Kidd

Barnes, Captain (English) (c.1677) - sailed with Captain Lagarde, raided Santa Marta

Barney, Joshua (American) (1759-1818) - served on the American side during the revolution, served in French navy from 1796-1802, then turned to privateering during the War of 1812

Barre, Chevalier de la (Maltese) (c.1663) - active in Mediterranean Sea

Bart, Jean (French) (1651-1702) - French corsair, operated in English Channel and North Sea out of Dunkirk

Bartolomeo the Portuguese, Bartholemy Portuguez (Portuguese) - buccaneer

Baughe, William (English) (c.1609) - operated out of Ireland

Bavastro (c.1800) - operating out of Nice against English in Mediterranean

Beavin, Thomas (English) (c.1580) - operated out of Wales, captured and hanged in London

Bellamy, Charles (British) (c.1717) - active off New England, raided fishing vessels and trading ships in the area

Bellamy, Samuel (British) (d.1717) - sailed with Benjamin Hornigold and Olivier La Bouche, captured the Whydah, sailed for New England and ran aground off Massachusetts, most of the crew drowned including Bellamy

Beluche, Rene - one of Jean Lafitte's lieutenants, an artillerist like Dominique You, became a commodore in the Venezuelan Navy after the pardon of the Battle of New Orleans

Ben Aissa, Sidi Abdulla (Moroccan) (c.1672-1698) - active against the French

Bernard, Antoine (French) (d.1683) - captain of the Prophete Daniel, involved in sack of Vera Cruz, captured by Spanish at Little Cayman Island, presumed hanged on November 22, 1683 in Vera Cruz

Berry, Charlotte de (English) (b.1636) - led mutiny against cruel captain that had assaulted her, cruised African coast capturing gold ships

Bertagno, Lupo de (Spanish) (c.1442) - raided Venetians, temporarily rules Menemvasia in Southern Greece

Best, Richard (English) (c.1594) - active against Spanish in the Caribbean

Bianco, James (Italian) (c.1303) - active in Mediterranean against Venetians

Biciaki, Captain (Greek) (c.1820) - active in Eastern Mediterranean

Bishop, Richard (English) (c.1561-1617) - active in the Mediterranean and Atlantic

Blanc, Captain (French) (c.1697) - took part in the sack of Cartagena

Blanckmann (c.1800) - corsair, attacked English shipping from Dunkirk

Blauvelt, Abraham (Dutch) (c.1631-1663) - active off New England and in the Caribbean, sailed with Chritopher Myngs when he raided Campeche Bay

Blondel, Robert (French) (c.1553) - raided Spanish in the Caribbean, trapped with John Hawkins by Spanish in San Juan De Ulua, Hawkins escaped, Blondel probably did not

Blout, Captain (French) (c.1697) - took part in the sack of Cartagena

Bodulgate, Thomas (English) (d.1471) - attacked various vessels in the Atlantic, politically influential

Boggs, Eli (American) (c.1850) - sailed with Chinese pirates in the South China Sea, captured by British and sentenced to life in prison

Boisbaudrant, Gabrielle Chambres de (French) (c.1634) - Knight of Malta, killed during the taking of the Ottoman sultan's galley

Bollen, George (English) (c.1696) - chief mate, signed on with William Kidd

Bonfiglio, Nicolo (French) (c.1495) - attacked Venetian shipping in the Mediterranean Sea

Boniton, Peter (English) (c.1609) - born in Cornwall, captured by French and executed in Marseilles, France

(Major) Bonnet, Stede (British) (d.1718) portrait.gif (487 bytes) skullxbones-anim.gif (3182 bytes)- somewhat inept pirate, hanged in Charlston, South Carolina in 1718

Bonny, Anne (Irish) (c.1720) - female pirate, sailed with John Rackham

Bontemps, Jean (French) (d.1570) - operated out of Normandy, raided French ships, also attacked Spanish in the Caribbean

Booneter, Jan Gijsbertszoon (Dutch) (c.1630) - attacked Spanish shipping and towns in the Caribbean

Booth, George (British) (c.1696-1700) - active in the Indian Ocean, killed by Arabs near Zanzibar

Borg, Eugenio (Maltese) (c.1704) - active in the Mediterranean

Borough, Robert (English) (c.1543) - born in Devonshire, licensed to take French ships

Borras, Chevalier de (French) (c.1732) - attacked Muslim shipping

Botadilla, Pedro (Spanish) (c.1518) - attacked Italian shipping until captured in 1619

Bournano, Captain (French) (c.1678) - attacked Portobello with Batholomew Sharp

John Bowen (Welsh) (d.1704) - born in Bermuda, he operated mostly in the Indian Ocean and around Madagascar, he eventually died of a stomach ailment

Boyte, Philip (English) (c.1580) - born in Portland, hanged in London

Bradinham, Robert (English) (c.1696) - ship's surgeon signed on with William Kidd

Bradish, Samuel - suspected pirate, apprehended in New York with �942

Bradley, Joseph (English) (d.1671) - Sailed with both Edward Mansfield and Henry Morgan. Died during attack on Chagres under Morgan.

Bradley, Samuel (English) (c.1696) - signed on with William Kidd, Kidd's brother-in-law

Bran (Brand), Captain (English) (c.1668) - sacked Portobello with Henry Morgan and Campeche with Roche Braziliano

Braziliano, Roche, Rock, Roque (Dutch) (c. 1650-1670) - buccaneer named for his origin in Brazil

Brewster, Adam (English) (c.1668) - ship captain, sailed with Henry Morgan on Portobello raid and attack on Maracaibo

John Brewer (English) (c.1577) - sailed with Francis Drake on his round the world journey

Briggeho, William de (English) (d.1228) - from Yorkshire, first Englishman documented as hanged for piracy

Edward Bright (English) (c.1577) - sailed with Francis Drake on his round the world journey

Brocchiero De Anaya, Don Diego (Spanish) (c.1583) - Knight of Malta, attacked Turkish and Venetian shipping

Browne, James (Scottish) (c.1677) - commissioned by the French, he was hanged in Jamaica

Buckmaster, Edward (English) (c.1696) - kept a tavern in the dock area of New York, signed on with William Kidd

Bulgarino D'Anaia (Italian) (c.1275) - attacked Venetian shipping in the Aegean Sea

Bull, Dixey (English) (c.1632) - operated off the New England coast

Bunce, Phineas (British) (c.1718) - pardoned by Woodes Rogers, he returned to piracy, died in battle with Spanish coast guards

Burgess, Daniel (English) (c.1700) - conspired with pirates to capture the ship he was mate on, the Neptune

Burgess, Samuel (British) (d.1716) - active in the Indian Ocean, he traded guns and supplies with the pirates in and around Madagascar

Burton, John (English) (c.1696) - New York shoemaker, signed on with William Kidd

Bury, Mark (English) (c.1589) - active in the Atlantic

Butler, John, Chalona (Irish) (d. 1577) - sailed with John Oxenham, captured by the Spanish in 1577 after raiding the Pacific coast, in particular the Pearl Islands off Panama; he was sent to Lima and tortured and put to death by the Inquisition

Butler, Nathaniel (English) (c.1619-1639) - active in the Caribbean Sea

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