Pirate Roster




Calefati, Marc Antonio (c.1594-1599) - Knight of Saint Stephen, invaded Greek island of Chios in 1599 for plunder and slaves

Callice / Challis, John (English) (c.1574-1597) - active in English Channel and Atlantic

Cambiano, Brother Ascanio (c.1602-1604) - Knight of Malta, Captain General of Galleys

Camock, Sussex (English) (c.1625-1635) - commanded ships for the earl of Warwick, active in the Caribbean

Canete, Juan (Spanish) (c.1540) - frequently plunders the North African coast

Capdeville, Jean (French) (c.1569) - sailed with Jacques Sores

Carafa, Brother Francesco (c.1625-1627) - Knight of Malta, Captain General of Galleys

Carafa, Brother Francesco Maria (c.1669-1672) - Knight of Malta, Captain General of Galleys

Carder, Peter (English) (c.1577) - separated from Francis Drake while in a Pinnace with 7 other men, the only one to make his way back to England after 8 years

Carew, Peter (English) (c.1560) - active in the Atlantic

Carsten, Jan (Belgian) (d.1608) - sailed with John Ward, killed in action, battling Venetian ships off Modone

Cary, Gregory (British) (c.1580) - crewman with Francis Drake on his round the world journey

Cavendish, Thomas (English) (c.1555-c.1592) - privateer

Cavo, Giovanni de Lo (Italian) (c.1270) - active in Aegean Sea

Centurione, Niccolo (Italian) (c.1513-1514) - attacked Genoese merchants

Cerisola, Bettino (Italian) (c.1496) - attacked Venetian merchants

Chambray, Jean Francois (c.1687-1756) - Knight of Malta

Chang Poa (Chinese) (c.1810) - squadron commander and later husband to the widowed Cheng I Soa

Chester, John (English) (c.1577) - commanded the fly-boat Swan at the outset of Francis Drakes round the world journey

Chighizola, Louis, 'Nez Coupe' (short nose) (Italian) - one of Jean Lafitte's lieutenants, turned peaceful resident of Grand Isle after the pardon of the Battle of New Orleans, descendants still live on Grand Isle

Cheng I, Ching Yih (Chinese) (d.1804) - pirate admiral, united and led a fleet of 400 ships and 70,000 men

Cheng I Soa, Ching Yih Saou (Chinese) (d.1844) - wife and successor to Cheng I

Chidley, John (English) (1565-1589) - leader of trip to South American coast for plunder, died of disease

Chivers, Dirk (Dutch) (1694-1699) - sailed with Joseph Farrell, Henry Every, John Hoar, pardoned in 1699

Cigala (Italian) (c.1551-1561) - attacked French and Venetian shipping among others

Ciriffo, Moro (c.1675) - Barbary corsair, captured by Knights of Saint Stephen near Elba

Clark, William (English) (c.1614) - raided Iceland with James Gentleman

Clarke, Thomas (English) (c.1689) - sailed with Henry Morgan

Clipperton, John (Irish) (d.1722) - sailed with William Dampier in 1703, raided Pacific coast of South America

Cloise, Peter (African) (c.1679-1688) - liberated by Edward Davis from Spanish owner

Coates, Edward (British) (c.1692) - noted at Saint Mary's Island off Madagascar in October 1692 in command of the Nassau, and next heard from at New York in April 1693 as captain of the Jacob

Cobb, William (English) (c.1635-1637) - granted privateering commission, attacked Indian shipping

Cobham, Thomas (English) (c.1563) - captured Spanish merchant

Cocke, Abraham (English) (c.1589-1593) - worked for John Watts, plundering the Carabbean

Cocklyn, Thomas (British) (c.1717) - sailed with Howell Davis and Olivier La Bouche

Cole, Samuel (d.1726) - sailed with William Fly

Collier, Edward (English) (c.1668-1672) - participated in Henry Morgan's raids

Condent, Christopher / Edmund (English) (c.1719) skullxbones-anim.gif (3182 bytes) - successful pirate, attacking mostly Portuguese ships, but by no means limited by nationality, retired in ease to head his own shipping company

Condick, George (d.1726) - sailed with William Fly

Condon, William [Billy One-Hand]

Contreras, Alonso de (Spanish) (c.1580) - sailed with Knights of Malta

Cook, John (English) (d.1694) - sailed with Bartholomew Sharp, died of illness off Costa Rica

Cooke / Cook, Edmund (English) (d.1681) - sailed with Bartholomew Sharp

Cooke, Edward (English) (c.1708-1711) - sailed with Woodes Rogers, wrote A Voyage to the South Seas

Cooke, John (British) (c.1577) - crewman from Francis Drake's circumnavigation

Cooke, William (English) (c.1540) - plundered Spanish shipping

Corbelli, Vittorio (c.1704) - Maltese corsair

Cordes, Baltasar de (Dutch) (c.1598-1600) - sailed under Simon de Cordes

Cordes, Simon de (Dutch) (d.1599) - sent to raid Pacific coast of South America, most of the crew either died of hunger, were killed by natives or were captured by the Spanish or Portuguese

Cordyne, Frans (Dutch) (c.1696) - experienced privateer, signed on with William Kidd

Corneliszoon, Jan (Dutch?) (c.1683) - pirate captain associated with Thomas Paine

Corp, Robert (c.1724) - joined George Lowther when the Princess Galley was captured, tried May 1724 on St. Christopher

Cotton, Randolph (English) (d.1595) - second in command of Lancaster's raid on Pernambuco, Brazil, died in Portuguese ambush

Cottuy, Captain (French) (c.1697) - took part in sack of Cartagena

Courtenay, Hugh (English) (1420-1471) - captured various shipping in Atlantic

Courtney, Stephan (English) (c.1707) - captain of the Duchess, sailed with Woodes Rogers and William Dampier

Cowley, William (English) (c.1683-1686) - sailed with John Cook and Edward Davis

Coxe, William (English) (c.1576-1578) - mutinied under Andrew Barker, attack Spanish shipping, jailed on return to England

Coxon, John (English) (c.1676-1684) - took part in capture of Protobello in 1680

Crane, Thomas (English) (c.1286) - sailed from Norfolk

Craston, William (English) (c.1590-1601) - sailed with John Watts and later on his own

Cromwell, Thomas (English) (c.1643-1645) - attacked Spanish shipping in the Caribbean

Crosse, John (English) (c.1591-1595) - operated in the Caribbean

Crosse, Robert (English) (c.1587-1595) - sailed with Francis Drake in 1585, then in consort with other sea dogs

Culliford, Robert (British) (1690-1698) - sailed with William Kidd, stole the Blessed William, later in consort with Dirk Chivers

Cumberland, George Clifford (English) (1558-1605) - English earl, turned to privateering after squandering the family fortune

Cunningham, William (British) (d.1718) - gunner for Edward Teach, later hanged by Woodes Rogers for violating pardon

Cuttle, Thomas (English) (c.1577) - master aboard the Pelican on Francis Drake's journey around the world

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