Pirate Roster




Gaddali (c.1516) - Barbary corsair, raided off Sicily, Sardinia and Italian coast, may have worked with the Barbarossa Brothers

Gafforio, Andrea (Italian) (c.1270) - pillaged Latin shipping, retired to Athens

Galer (French) (c.1697) - buccaneer captain, took part in sack of Cartagena

Galerati, Fabio (Italian) (c.1580) - Knight of St. Stephan, from Cremona Italy, raided the Aegean islands and Tunisian coast

Gamarra, Aloisio (Maltese) (c.1660) - raided off the North African coast

Gambi (Italian) - one of Jean Lafitte's lieutenants, the most blood thirsty of the bunch, challanged Lafitte's authority and departed Lafitte's band for Cheniere Caminada after losing, rumored to have been killed by his own crew

Garret, John (English) (c.1572) - privateer, operating in the Caribbean, brief association with Francis Drake

Gascon, Juan (Spanish) (c.1560) - sneaked into harbor in Algiers to burn corsair fleet, set fire to a few ships, but was captured

Gaspard (French) (c.1812) - ex-Corsair, stole Haitian 44 gun frigate, Amethyste, captured by Captain Yeo on February 3, 1812 at the Bight of Leogane

Gasparilla (Spanish) (c.1821) - sailed out of Boca Grande, captured and American ship of Cuba, the inspiration for Gasparilla Days festival in Florida

Geare, Michael (English) (b.1566) - born in Limehouse, London, raided the West Indies 1585-1603, accused of taking more than his share of the plunder

Genthus of Illyria (c.181 BC) - accused by Romans of organizing and aiding pirate raids in Italy

Gentleman, James (English) (c.1614) - raided Westmann, Iceland with William Clark

Germain, Jacques (French) (c.1606) - Knight of St. Stephan, captured Venetian ships

Ghazi (Turkish) (c.1330) - Lord of Sinope on the Black Sea, raided Genoese and Greek shipping

Giafer (c.1536) - raided southern Italy with Kheireddin Barbarossa

Gibbs, Charles (American) (d.1831) - native of Rhode Island, US naval officer for a time, then privateer for Argentina, then pirate, almost captured in 1821 by US ship Enterprise near Cape Antonia, Cuba, later captured and hanged in New York

Gibert, Don Pedro [Gilbert] (South American) (d.1835) - captured and plundered the American brig Mexican, captured by British off West Africa and hanged in Boston

Gilliam, James [John] - see Kelley, James

Glanville, Toby (c.1606) - went to Tunis with John Ward, served under Ambrose Sayer, captured in 1613 and committed suicide

Glauketas (c.300 BC) - corsair cheif, driven off Kithnos Island by Athenian navy

Glenham, Edward (English) (c.1590) - from Suffolk, tried to capture Saint George's Island in the Azores, succeeded but could not hold the island, sailed to the Mediterranean and captured a Venetian ship, died heavily in debt

Glover, Robert (Irish) (c.1694) - unsuccessful cruise in the Indian Ocean led to his replacement by Dirk Chivers as captain, he returned to England in a leaky Arab prize

Glub, Charles (English) (d.1572) - popular quartermaster with Francis Drake, died of illness in October or November

Gopson, Richard (English) (c.1680) - sailed with Bartholomew Sharp in the Pacific, returned to the Caribbean, but died shortly there after

Graff, Laurens De [Laurens Baldran, Laurens de Griffe, Lorenzo Jacome, Lorencillo] (Dutch) (c.1682) - possibly renegade Spanish mulatto slave, sailed with de Grammont and Van Hoorn, they sacked several Spanish towns in the Caribbean, he was also involved in the founding of New Orleans

Grammont, Michel De [Chevalier De Grammont] (French) (c.1678) - younger son of noble family, force to flee after duel, joined buccaneers, sacked several Spanish towns in Caribbean

Grand, Pierre Le, [Peter the Great] (French)

Granuaile, [Grace O'Malley] (Irish) (c.1530-1603) - legendary female clan leader and pirate chief

Grayham, Edward (English) (c.1696) - New York carpenter, signed on with William Kidd

Green, Tom (English) (c.1696) - sailed in the Indian Ocean on the Pelican

Greenville, Henry (d.1726) - sailed with William Fly

Grillo, Diego [El Mulato] (African/Spanish) (c.1673) - escaped from Cuba, sailed with Henry Morgan in sack of Panama, captured in 1673 and hanged

Grogniet, Francois (French) (d.1687) - sailed with Edward Davis in the Pacific, not terribly successful, in 1687 he joined with George Hout and Le Picard, but died of wounds received in sacking of Guayaquil, Ecuador


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