Pirate Roster




Hagerty, Catherine (English) (c.1808) - transported for unknown crime to penal colonies in Oceana, briefly turned to piracy, died of disease

Halsey, John (British) (1662-d.1708) - Boston in origin, raided French and Spanish, active in the Indian Ocean, died of fever in Madagascar

Hamlin, Jean (French) (c.1680) - active in the Caribbean, raiding English, French and Dutch shipping, used St. Thomas and Ile-a-Vache as havens

Hands, Israel (British) (c.1718) - Blackbeard's first mate, convicted and pardoned after Teach's death, possibly died in London as a beggar

Hankyn, Thomas (English) (c.1580) - merchant turned pirate

Haraden, Jonathan (American) (1745-1803) - privateer, reputed to have sailed up to and English ship and bluffed the ship into surrendering even though his ship had only one load of shot remaining for its guns

Harris, Charles (British) (d.1723) - captured by George Lowther and turned pirate, sailed with Edward Low, captured and hanged in Rhode Island

Harris, James (English) (c.1608) - worked with Richard Bishop off Ireland

Harris, Peter (English) (d.1681) - sacked Panama with Morgan in 1671, returned to Panama in 1681 with Bartholomew Sharp, killed in fight with Spanish

Harris, Peter (English) (c.1684) - nephew of Peter above, crossed Panama in 1684 to raid Santa Maria, met and sailed with Charles Swan and Edward Davis

Hatley, Simon (British) (c.1708) - Sailed with Woodes Rogers, imprisoned in Lima after being captured, returned to the Pacific in 1719 with George Shevlocke

Hatsell (English) (c.1665) - part of garrison on Providence Island, captured by Spanish when they retook the island

Hawkins, John (English) (1532-1595) - started career as a slaver, sneaking slave cargos into Hispanola.  Turned privateer after caught by the Spanish

Hawkins, Richard (English) (c.1585) - commanded the ship Duck with Francis Drake on his West Indies raid

Hawkins, William, the younger (English) (c.1585) - commanded the bark Hawkins with Francis Drake on his West Indies raid

Hawley, John (English) (c.1400) - plundered Normandy and Brittany coasts

Hawley, John (English) (1406-1436) - son of John above, held royal commissions, but engaged in questionable seizures

Henszlein, Klein (German) (d.1573) - raided in the North Sea, beheaded with crew in Hamburg

Heracleo (Cilician) (c.70 BC) - defeated Roman fleet and raided Syracuse

Herriot, David (British) (d.1718) - joined Edward Teach, Blackbeard in 1718, marooned along with others by Teach; picked up by Stede Bonnet and captured by the British in October of 1718; he died in an escape attempt

Heyn [Heijn, Hein], Piet [Pieter, Pieterszoon] (Dutch) (1577-1629) - captured Spanish treasure fleet of Cuba, hired by Dutch West India Company to raid Spanish shipping and colonies

Heynes, Stephen [Carless, Stephen] (English) (c.1581) - operated out of southern England, Wales and Ireland

Hicks [Hickes], Robert (English) (d.1578) - sailed with John Callice, captured German and Scottish vessels, captured and hanged in London

Higgenberte, Courte [van Hegenbert, Conrad] (Dutch) (c.1572) - sailed with John Callice, raided French ships, retired to the Isle of Wight

Hill, Henry (c.1726) - sailed with William Fly

Hingson [Hinset], John (English) (c.1680) - sailed, at various times, with Bartholomew Sharp, John Coxon, Lionel Wafer, John Cook and Edward Davis

Hippon, Anthoney (English) (c.1596) - raided Rio de la Hacha in 1602

Hixon, Ellis (English) (c.1573) - associated with Francis Drake and the raid on Nombre de Dios

Hoar, John (British) (d.1697) - operated in Indian Ocean with Dirk Chivers, killed on St. Mary's Island by local tribesmen

Holland, William (English) (c.1579) - captured a Spanish ship off southwest England

Hoorn, Jan Janszoon van (Dutch) (c.1629) - attacked Trujillo, Honduras and San Francisco in the Bay of Campeche

Horn, Richard (c.1700) - sailed with William Kidd

van Horn, Gerrard (New Yorker)- referenced on Saint Maries, won big gambling with other pirates

Hornigold, Benjamin (British) (c.1716) - raided American east coast, Edward Teach was among his crew in 1716, pardoned by Woodes Rogers and became a pirate hunter, died about 1719 when his ship struck a reef

Horseley, Gilbert (English) (c.1574) - raided off Nombre de Dios, joined with French captain Sylvester, plundered Veragua

Hout, George (English) (c.1685) - crossed Panama, sailed with Edward Davis, also sailed with captain Le Picard and captain Townley, led raids on Panama City, Nicoya and Guayaquil

Howard, Thomas (British) (1693-1703) - active in the Caribbean, Gold Coast and Indian Ocean, sailed with George Booth and John Bowen, retired to India and murdered by wife's relatives

Hughs, William (English) (c.1611) - sailed with Richard Bishop and Thomas Hussey off Ireland, then with Peter Easton off Africa and Newfoundland

Hussey, Thomas (English) (d.1611) - sailed with Richard Bishop off French and Irish coasts

Hybristas (Greek) (c.190 BC) - archpirate whose band controlled the Gulf of Corinth, raided Roman shipping

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